Skin Myth Buster!


“My skin is oily, so moisturising in the morning will make me look shiny all day”.


Fact: If your skin is oily by nature and even more so in summer, trying to “dry it out” by skipping your morning moisturiser is likely to make the situation worse. Sebum glands tend to respond to the perception of dryness by producing more oil – making you look shinier still. So instead of making moisturiser your summertime enemy, make sure your day-time moisturiser is Ph Balanced and working in harmony with your skin to slow sebum production. 

We recommend ELEMIS Hydra-Balance Day Cream for combination skin, This ultra-light, anti-oxidant rich day cream provides continuous hydration, to leave skin feeling perfectly hydrated, balanced and supple. £39





If you are also prone to breakouts try ELEMIS S.O.S. EMERGENCY CREAM £49.50 (less than the Elemis site!)

This 'ambulance in a bottle' moisturiser has been formulated to restore the skin's hydration level, whilst repairing and de-sensitizing blemish prone, dry or sensitive skin - fast.



    • A soothing, daily moisturiser for skin that is sensitive, irritated or has blemishes.

    • Rebalances and repairs inflamed and hormonal skin conditions.

    • Dab on to blemishes before bedtime and leave overnight to reduce redness and brewing.

    • Creates a great base for make-up.