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We have a full range of nail services available at our salon including nail Extensions and Gel nail colour, and let not forget about the dreamy pedicures!

Our Nail

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Electric Nail File
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Relaxing Pedicure
Pedicured Feet
manicure pedicure

BAIB Gel Builder

The perfect solution if you have dreamed of growing your own nails. Literally after a couple of visits you will have perfectly shaped natural nails, overlaid with gel builder

Gel Builder Extensions

OK so you aren't patient enough to wait for your own to grow, this is an instant fix!

Acrylic Extensions

Its a personal choice as to whether to choose Gel or Acrylic. If you are a die hard acrylic fan Claire is your girl!

Gel Toes

Like to be matchy matchy? Me too! This is indistructable and last an age on your toes!


Now you are talking pampering choose when booking whether you want gel polish on at the end of your relaxing Pedi.


A great treat for someone, or some pamper time for yourself. 

I've never been able to grow my nails! After 2 sessions of Gel Nails my hands are transformed! I love that the shine on the colour doesnt dull either. 

Maia Vallender

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