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An Exciting Range of Professional Hair treatments available in salon, call in for a complimentary consultation and Hair advice.


Smoothing Treatment £6

Superb for unruly, dificult to manage hair. This hydrating treatment, smooths the cuticle and adds shine and flexibility to your hair.

A 15 minute treatment includes a soothing scalp massage for a relaxing treat!


Nourishing Hair Repair Treatment £6

Suffering from split ends and breakeage, or simply lacking in shine? This nourishing treatment adds moisture and managebility to your hair.

A 15 minute treatment which includes a soothing scalp massage for a relaxing treat!


Volumising Hair Treatment £6

A treatment for fine limp hair I hear you say!
Wont it make my hair flat?
We can assure you, this protein based treatment wont weigh your hair down, in fact it will give it the Oompf your hair needs!
THe Massage here is done PRIOR to shampooing as we know that massaging with stimulate oil production and make your hair flat if not shampood after, but we wouldnt want you to miss out on the best bit!


Im sure you have heard about many wonderful hair treatments in the past... however OLAPLEX is not one of those, this is a rebonding system, not a hair treatment as such. It will dramatically improve the condition of your hair in a single application by rebuilding the disulphide bonds in your hair. THis makes your hair feel thicker, stronger, and amazingly shiny. Dont take our word for it, try it today!