Prices for Botox


Anti-wrinkle injections (Botox) are priced according to the number of areas being treated in a single session. Popular areas include the forehead (frown lines), in-between the brows (glabellas), around the eyes (smile lines/crows feet) and in-between the brows (glabellas)

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Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)








Anti Wrinkle (Botox) Injections


What are Botox injections?

Botox is something you have probably heard of, and probably seen, although, to be honest, the only time it is obvious that someone has had BOTOX is when it has been done badly ie overdone! 



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Why have BOTOX injections?


You may or may not be aware that the first signs of your skin aging happens during your late twenties-early thirties and as we age, our skin creases (wrinkles) by the repeated use of facial muscles leading to fine lines such as 'frown lines' or 'crows feet'.

Over time these lines become more prominent and visible even when not frowning or smiling due to our natural ageing process as our bodies produce less collagen and elastin in our skin. We begin to look older as our bodies show the tell-tale signs of ageing

Botox causes certain targeted facial muscles to gently relax. This reduction in muscle activity around the areas where the skin shows lines and furrows prevents the skin from creasing and gives it time to naturally recover its youthful appearance. The lines soften and fade away leaving younger, firmer looking skin.


What does a Botox treatment involve?


Before: Sara our Medical Aesthetics Specialist offers a full complimentary consultation, to discuss any concerns you may have, and explore your tratment options, this can be done by phone or in our salon on Cartergate during our Skin Clinic days

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During: A super fine needle is used to make some very shallow injections in your target area. There is no pain involved, some clients experience a slight stinging sensation. You will be laid slightly upright in a private room. The actual treatment only takes 5-10 minutes and results are visible within 2 weeks


After: Sara offers a COMPLIMENTARY 'check up' 2 weeks after your service. This is particularly useful if this is the first time you have tried Botox and are worried about getting 'too much', we usually find people are surprised at just how natural botox can look and are even tempted to have a top up at the check up, which is complimentary provided it is within the first 2 weeks


Advice: Following the treatment you should avoid touching the treated area and strenuous exercise. You should also avoid drinking alcohol for 6 hours directly after treatment 

Follow up treatments are usually required to ‘top-up’ the initial treatment every 3 to 4 months for the first year after which the period between top-ups is usually longer.